Safaricom monopoly

Dear Safaricom and Collymore, what are you doing with our data?

Dear Bob Collymore,

I posted on my Instagram about how I was about to blog on turning my T-shirt into an outfit that I wore of the media awards on Wednesday.

This was a t-shirt I got me last year and I turned into a blouse…. Post on my blog in a few

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That is not going to be possible because of Kenya’s largest data provider: the company you manage, Safaricom. This whole thing started three weeks ago. My work as a journalist means I use the internet a lot. Thankfully, my employer provides me with Wi-Fi at the office. I normally buy 3gigabytes of data for my phone when I have left the office. Before the aforementioned days, I would stream YouTube, watch videos and that 3GB would be enough for more than three weeks. Then one day on my day off, I got a message that my data was 500MB. I thought that was strange given I had just bought the data two days before. Then another message barely ten minutes later that I was at 250, then 75MB. I had emails to send so I bought another 1GB at 3pm. I did send a few emails with the 1GB, and the following day on my way to work inside a public service vehicle, I got a message that my data bundle was at 75MB. In less than a week, I had used more than 8GB! I thought I was wasteful, then I went online and I found thousands of complaints on the group Buyer Beware on Facebook when many people posted the funny messages they got from Safaricom on data depletion.

So Sir, I would like to know the rate with which you charge your data. If there was nothing wrong with the costing, why did you introduce the messages reminding us of the balance? Surely, there is definitely something wrong when hundreds of us are complaining. I have made more than ten inquiries.

Instead of doing something about it, you directed us to a page where you promise that we will learn how to control our data “for free”. I have obeyed those rules therein but still, I lose data so quickly.

We can track rates for insurance, gas but we cannot see how you cost the data for the more than 30million of us on the internet.  We trust you that as we use your very capable platform, you will not abuse us, and quite frankly, you are abusing us right now on data. So please make me understand.

 Yours, Verah Okeyo, a disgruntled Safaricom client

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