This is how you wear the African fabric to the office

I once imagined my place in the world and the career that I am in, with its complex networks and allegiances, through reading far and wide. So in my second year, I took an elective course from the English and Literature department. I must say I was appalled at the definition of “fashion” in the people in the literary world. They were all about remaining true to their roots and shunning all western influence. So they had these hideous looking dresses with so much print the chameleon would be confused at what colour they would transform to had they gotten near them. The jewellery would be a huge plate hanging on their neck you would imagine they are Mami Wota from River Niger. Then the bags would be handmade sisal bags… Good Lord!  So today I would like to give you a few tips on how you can still bring your African swag to a multicultural work space. By the way you can shop for all these clothes on my Facebook page here, or order for yours to be tailored according to your size. I apologise I do not get to update the page as frequently but I try in between the work. Check my Instagram I post a lot of the clothes

  1. Marry African and “western” fabrics

The vibrancy of the African fabric makes it very easy for you to pick one colour in the prints and then match it with one solid colour. The plain colour could be the most of the picture or the African fabric

My navy blue Verah Okeyo skirt suit. PHOTO/Lameck Ododo


2. Tailor to fit

Now there is nothing as ugly as having a colourful fabric on you and your shoulder, looking like a curtain draped on a stick because it is too large or small.

Verah Okeyo trouser suit. PHOTO/Lameck Ododo

And you can wear that very coat with jeans on Friday


3. Take colours that compliment your skin tone

Consult your tailor to find out the colour of the fabric that will bring the best of you.dsc_0275


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